Corieltauvi Art comprises a husband and wife team working in a variety of media and based in the UK

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

January 2011 News

January News!

You can now follow our journey on twitter - our twitter name is CorieltauviArt...

A is working on some simple drypoint prints, experimenting with papers and techniques,producing simple pictures taken from nature, her latest attempts are a wren and a snowdrop , hopefully they will be a success.With any luck she will be offering these(or similar) for sale on eBay and Etsy.
She is still exploring abstract landscapes,particularly using a limited,wintery palette in  Acrylics and exploring the abstract landscapes of other artists.
M is working on an oil painting which will be part landscape/street scene and part social commentary.Currently in the planning and sketching stage, he hopes to start work on the oil painting soon.
Check out our friends website, they experiment with digital art and photography - it's very interesting and worth a look

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