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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Water Mixable Oil Paints and Conceptual Art

Water Mixable Oil paints.

A has a variety of allergies which means she has always had problems with solvents like white spirits, turpentine,and the fumes they emit; so for years she has avoided using traditional oil paints. Recently while using acrylic paints, she felt a sense of frustration  at the fact that the paints dried so quickly and so she started investigating the possibility of using water mixable oil colours.
Having ordered a few colours in the limited palette  she prefers to use, A has been pleased thus far with the lack of odour from the paints, and the fact that the paint washes out in simple water seemingly far more easily than the acrylic paint which seems to destroy brushes.
She has also been pleasantly surprised - after painting with acrylics she has  recently been feeling dizzy with a slightly sore throat and she has experienced no ill effects from the new oil paints.
Patience is a virtue which she feels she needs to cultivate, the first coat of paints has taken four days to dry! Currently she is working on a winter scene inspired by January  drives where she observed sheep huddling together in frozen landscapes .


A is also currently in the process of planning a new series of drypoint prints based on insect life.She is planning to make these drypoint prints a smaller size than her previous prints and wants to challenge her previous preoccupation with drawing comfortable and acceptable images of nature by producing prints of slightly less comfortable subjects,which are still fascinating and in their own way,beautiful examples of nature and evolution.

Conceptual Sculpture Collaboration.

A and M are in the process of planning a collaborative work, which they will produce together which addresses pollution of earth,ocean and air and focuses on our reliance on the internal combustion engine. This work will take the form of a small sculpture .

M is also in the process of planning his own conceptual sculpture which also addresses our reliance on the internal combustion engine and the way in which we have allowed vehicles to become an essential part of both modern life and  also for many of us, a representation of our personality and part of our psyche.

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